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Kamea G

Kamea G

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Tetra Corporation Kamea G

Clinically proven alpha hydroxy acid technology applied to foot and ankle medicine.

Kamea® G is designed to safely clear the skin.

Kamea® G is engineered for use on the sole of the foot to improve the appearance of impressive hyperkeratosis, significant scale buildup, and callusing.

Kamea® G may be used to clear chronic hyperkeratosis prior to or concurrently with the use of Kamea® 20 as a moisturizer.


  • Safe, effective and no-toxic ingredients
  • Doesn’t leave the chalky white residue on the skin (like high % urea products)
  • No Dyes or fragrance added
  • Shorter treatment duration
  • Non-greasy
  • Tube container for sanitary dispensing and easy dosing
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